Winchester Street Theatre Gear Inventory

*Please note that the inventory is subject to change at our discretion, Please email the Technical Director for any specific requests.



Control:    ETC Nomad

Dimmers: 96x 2.4kw ETC Sensor

Circuits:   Dimmer-per-circuit configuration, see plot for layout

Spare Dimmers: 24, 31, 33, 41, 46, 69, 70, 81, 82

Additional power: 3-phase 100A service

Notes: certified electrician required for tie-in, $100/day fee applies, disconnect located approximately 100’ from stage


Audio Console: Soundcraft Si Impact 40-channel Digital Mixer (32 Mic Pre-Amps, 40 DSP inputs)

Playback: Denon DN-4500 dual CD player

Amplifiers: 2x Crest CA9

House Speakers: 3x Community STS26 (Left, Centre, Right) + Sub

Onstage Monitor: 1x Community STS26

Microphone: 1x Shure SM58 with APEX boom stand

Onstage patch: 4x mic inputs, 1x output/mon

XLR Cable: 5x 25’ cables, 1x 50’ cable, 1x 100’ cable

*Please Note There is No Program Sound

Full Lighting Instrument Inventory(house and spare):

575w ETC SourceFour: 55

750w ETC SourceFour: 17

Available Barrels:{26° Barrels: 11 } {36°  Barrels: 46} {50° Barrels: 22}

750w ETC SourceFour PAR: 12

Par Lenses: 12 of each kind

1kw Strand 3380 6” Fresnel: 23

1kw Strand Pattern 223 8” Fresnel: 16

1kw PAR64 WFL(no alternate bulbs): 6

1kw Strand Iris-3: 4

500w FE Fill(House and worklight): 12

Strand 8’ Fresnel 2kw: 2


Projector: Christie Digital Projector LWU421 With standard lens (1.5-3.0:1)

DVD Player: Denon DN-V210 (with HDMI)
(permanently installed in technical booth)


  • A bulb charge of $50/day up to $200/week applies for use of house projector
  • Clients are solely responsible for compatibility of video source, as well as all aspects of operation of video elements
  • If you plan on running your video from a computer you must provide the computer and all related cables
  • At least one (1) hour must be allotted in production schedule for video setup

Used in House Plot:

575w ETC SourceFour 26°: 6

575w ETC SourceFour 36°: 46

575w ETC SourceFour 50°: 3

1kw Strand 3380 6” Fresnel: 18

1kw Strand Pattern 223 8” Fresnel: 9

1kw Strand Iris-3: 4

500w FE FillL(House and worklight): 12

Strand 8’ Fresnel 2kw: 2


Clear com base station: 1

Headsets*: 3

Belt Packs**: 4

*There are 2 full coms in the booth, 1 backstage.

**If you have your own headset, we have an extra belt pack available for use.

Available Inventory (beyond house plot):

750w ETC SourceFour: 17

Available barrels: 

26° Barrels: 3

50° Barrels: 19

750w ETC SourceFour PAR: 12

Lenses: 12 of each kind

1kw Strand 3380 6” Fresnel: 5

1kw Strand Pattern 223 8” Fresnel: 7

1kw PAR64 WFL(no alternate bulbs): 6

Lifts and Ladders:

Lift: Upright RhinoLift RL19 – 19’-0” maximum height

Ladders: One 3′ ladder, one 6′ ladder, one 10′ ladder.

Accessories (beyond house plot):

B-Size Gobo Holders for SourceFour: 23

Drop-in Iris Kits for ETC SourceFour: 8

Barn Doors for 6” Fresnel and S4 PAR: 9

Wooden Floor Floats: 12

2′ Diameter 50lb bell bases: 14

11’ threaded 2” OD steel pipe: 8

3’ threaded 2” OD steel pipe: 4

Sandbags: 8

*All inventory is subject to change

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